More Than Just Accounting

Frederiksen-Crawford is unique in that we offer more services than your typical accounting firm

Tax Preparation & Planning

The goal with tax planning is to minimize liability in current and future tax years. Some examples of tax planning include: deciding whether to file jointly or separately, timing the sale of an asset, identifying applicable deductions, etc. Tax preparation is one of our most popular services because we can lend an experienced, professional eye to your tax return and ensure that you get the highest return possible. Our team is qualified to inspect, correct, and verify the accuracy of business accounts. Remember, it’s not what you earn it’s what you keep.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

We can guide you through the complex process of getting your financial affairs in order. Whether it’s Estate Planning, Income Protection or Investments, there are a number of ways to secure your and your family’s financial future. Financial planning can be a long and difficult process, with many factors that need to be considered before making a decision. Our team of financial professionals can assist you with this complex process.
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Retirements & Pensions

There are many different types of retirement plans available, including an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and a 401(k) plan. Most plans have different rules and guidelines, including details such as when the money can be withdrawn. For this reason, it is important to enlist a professional tax accountant. Our staff can assist you with your retirement planning needs. A pension plan rollover is the reinvestment of a lump-sum pension payout into an individual retirement account. This is usually done to defer taxes, and can be considered an alternative to paying taxes on a lump-sum payout. Our staff can help you with this complex process.

Business Consulting

Whether you need assistance with business entity selection, bookkeeping, budgeting, advertising, or special projects, our team of experienced professionals will be able to handle your accounting needs. We also help with business entity selection. A business entity is a grouping of real estate objects, such as multiple rental properties. Organizing the hierarchy within your business entity is imperative to running a successful business. Management Advisory Services include, marketing, and financial planning.San Francisco California bay area accounting firms, accounting companies, CPA firms, top CPA

Business Services

Bookkeeping is the recording of all financial transactions undertaken by an individual or organization. Our well-rounded accounting professional team will provide accurate, well-organized financial records to ensure that your business runs successfully. We can improve your business’s efficiency and effectiveness. We provide virtually any type of notary service. Payroll management can be difficult for business owners, as there are many laws and regulations to consider. In addition, when your business size increases, so does your payroll administration. Our firm is experienced with both payroll preparation and implementation.

Software Selection & Setup

With the vast amount of accounting software available today, it is important to find a program that is reputable and appropriate for your business. Our staff has experience with multiple types of software, and can recommend a suitable program for your accounting needs. We can help your business with selection and setup of several different types of accounting software including QuickBooks and Peachtree.

Securities offered through 1st Global Capital Corp., Member FINRA/SIPC Investment advisory services offered through 1st Global Advisors, Inc. We have registered representatives licensed to offer securities in the state of California.  This is not an offer to sell securities in any other state of jurisdiction.

Client’s Testimonials

Tara is exactly what I was looking for–professional, knowledgeable, friendly and fast. My “free one hour consultation” stretched past 2 hours but she never rushed or pressured me. She was very well informed about my questions, but honest about wanting to check for changes in the law about certain small details. I don’t expect someone to know everything about everything, and I’m suspicious of people who always have a definite answer to every question. I left the meeting with a list of documents to complete my return and she was done within days of me providing them. Her fee was very competitive with other accountants I have used and the service was superior.

Sean W., Business Owner

I have been using Tara Crawford and Chris Frederiksen for over 15 years for not only tax advice and tax return preparation but also general advice on business transactions. I have also referred a number of clients who were forming or operating businesses to Tara and Chris. Their advice is thoughtful, well-informed and always right! Their work on my taxes has saved me thousands of dollars over the years that I would never have realized without them. Everyone I have referred to them has thanked me. Above it all they are incredibly great people who really care about their clients.

Cindi K. , Business Owner

As a business lawyer who launches corporations and LLC’s I often encounter clients who need to engage an accountant to work with them on their new business. I also have clients who are not happy with the accountant they have been using. In both cases I often refer them to Frederiksen-Crawford. Chris and Tara are very competent and responsive, and I always receive positive feedback from the clients I refer to them.

Bob C., Attorney

I had Chris Frederiksen review taxes that needed to be revised. He was very knowledgeable and had solid advice.

Karin S., Business Owner