Do you have assets outside the USA?
Are you a part-year resident or do you have a dual-status year?
Do you own an interest in a foreign entity including corporations, partnerships and trusts?
Did you receive a gift from someone outside the USA?

If you have answered “YES” to any of these questions, you almost surely have special tax filing requirements.

foreign affairs and overseas taxes

There are 2 agencies and two separate annual filings involved:

US Treasury

Under the FinCen rules, every year the US Treasury wants to know what bank accounts and other financial assets you may have overseas.

Internal Revenue Service

Under the FATCA rules, every year the IRS wants to know what financial and other income-producing assets you have overseas and what income each asset produced.

In 2016, the report to the US Treasury is due on June 30 – no extensions!

In 2017, the report will be due on April 15, with an extension available to October 15.

We specialize in dealing with FinCen and FATCA filings and anything “foreign”. In fact, we receive a number of referrals each year from other accounting firms who choose to avoid this area of practice.

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